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Tools lists

Templates lists

  • Project Management Templates
    A complete list of freely downloadable templates based on the PMBOK. (last retrieved: 2015-09-04)
  • Project Connections
    Another website providing PMBOK-based templates. Downloadable templates require a premium subscription. (last retrieved: 2015-09-04)
  • PMBOK Official Templates
    PMBOK templates from the (PMI). (last retrieved: 2015-09-04)
  • PRINCE2 Official Templates
    The PRINCE2 official templates available directly from the Axelos website. Distributed under a rather liberal license. (last retrieved: 2015-09-04)


  • PMBOK Guide and Standards
    A general and encompassing methodology for managing projects. Sponsored by the PMI.
    Paid for. (last retrieved: 2015-09-10)
    The official website of the PRINCE2 methodology, now managed by AXELOS.
    Paid for. (last retrieved: 2015-09-10)
  • NASA’s Standards and Technical Assistance Resource Tool
    NASA publishes several standard and technical documents to support system development and project management. The page contains links to technical and management standards. (last retrieved: 2015-09-10)
  • NODIS Library
    List of policies applied at NASA, including program and project management. (last retrieved: 2015-09-10)
  • Project Management and Systems Engineering Handbook
    Quoting the Preface, “This handbook describes the basic processes and provides general guidance for managing and implementing the life-cycle for all projects managed at Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) and executing the systems engineering processes employed at MSFC. Its intended use is for projects that provide aerospace products, technologies, data, and operational services (aeronautics, space, and ground)” (last retrieved: 2015-09-10)
  • ECSS
    ECSS is a joint effort of several European space agencies, among which ESA, to develop a coherent, single set of user-friendly standards for use in all European space activities.
    Standards marked with “M” (e.g. ECSS-M-00) are related to managing projects. More information about the standard can be found at: Introducing ECSS Software-Engineering Standards within ESA (last retrieved: 2015-09-10)
  • Texas Project Delivery Framework
    The Texas Government has defined this framework to guide in the management of projects. The framework includes methodology and templates. (last retrieved: 2015-09-10)
  • European Commission, Aid Delivery Methods – Project Cycle Management Guide
    Project management methodology specifically devised for humanitarian projects. (last retrieved: 2015-09-10)
  • USAid Project Starter
    The USAID/E3 ProjectStarter website is a toolkit for USAID staff and partners to strengthen the monitoring and evaluation of USAID trade programs and projects around the world. (last retrieved: 2015-09-10)
  • MIL-STD-498
    A superseded military standard for software development. It includes guidelines and templates.
    A nice article about the standard together with ‘cleaned’ templates is available at A forgotten Military Standard. (last retrieved: 2015-09-10)
  • NASA Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Handbook
    From the introduction: “The purpose of this document is to provide program/project teams necessary instruction and guidance in the best practices for Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and WBS dictionary development and use for project implementation and management control.”
    The document also includes some examples. (last retrieved: 2015-09-10)
  • mAgri Design Toolkit
    A user-centered methodology for the introduction of services for rural communities. Nicely presented and well organized. (last retrieved: 2015-11-18)
  • Aid Delivery Methods, Volume 1 Project Cycle Management
    First published in 2004, the guide describes how to organize international cooperation projects for the European Union. The methodology is based on the Logical Framework Approach, which is nicely described here. (last retrieved: 2015-11-18)



  • ITMPI – IT Metrics and Productivity Institute
    Portal with many resources and webinars to mantain your PMP and CBAP certifications. (last retrieved: 2015-10-08)
  • PM Knowledge Center
    A website providing information about project management in general. I found interesting the description of critical chain management and other scheduling techniques. See, for instance, Critical Path Scheduling.
    Click on the tabs to access content! (last retrieved: 2015-09-11)
  • Mountain Goat Software
    Website with many resources related to Scrum development. Look in particular, at the Articles section. (last retrieved: 2015-09-11)
  • Project Reference
    Formerly a website to support the “Principles of Software Project Management” course at Columbia University, this portal contains many links about project management. (last retrieved: 2015-09-11)
  • Dave W Farthing’s Software Project Manamangent Links
    Website to support the Software Project Management Course at the University of South Wales.
    With material and many links it is worth having a look at. (last retrieved: 2015-09-11)


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