Software Project Management

Information and Business Organization Engineering Undergraduate Degree
University of Trento


General Considerations

Three types of activities:

  • Project
  • Essay (one or two points)
  • Development Project

Estimation of Work

Estimation of work:

  • for the essay: 8-16 hours
  • for the project: about 15-20 hours per person
  • for the development project: higher effort (but it has a different kind of reward: stage + learning


  • (2014-03-14) Expression of interest (send an email with group specification and size)


(2014-03-30) Feasibility Study 0.4
(2014-04-13) Gantt Chart 0.5
(2014-04-20) Estimation with Function Points and COCOMO 0.6
(2014-05-04) Risk Management Plan 0.3
(2014-05-18) Quality Management Plan 0.5
(2014-06-06) Project Budget & Pricing 0.2
(2014-06-06) Time sheets & Size metrics 0.4


(2014-04-30) Presentation ready 1.5
(2014-05-15) Feedback N/A
(2014-05-31) Presentation delivered at lesson 0.5


Instructions for applying are available on the application page

Evaluation Criteria

General evaluation criteria are available on the evaluation page

Ownership of Deliverables

If you apply for the project, you will have to decide the license under which the material your produce will be released.
In particular, you will have to choose one of the following three options:

  • Make it restricted, that is, available only for the purposes of the project.
  • Make it public, under one of the Creative Commons Licenses. The material might be published on the website, made available to other students, etc., according to the schema you choose. Authorship will be attributed to the authors.

The choice of the licensing schema is completely up to you and it does not affect the evaluation. (The license is needed to make the material usable for other courses, publications, etc.; it is also an occasion to have you think about software and content licensing schema.)


2014-03-24 Expression of interest passed. Group specifications available here
2014-04-23 Gantt charts delivered.
2014-04-23 Function Points and COCOMO mostly delivered: some doubts have been raised about how to apply the method. This is good: it is what projects are for.
2014-05-28 Dates for the last deliverables moved, to reflect the actual delivery os lessons